Team 2017 have developed a new system for detecting snake venoms.
Team 2014 posing with their well earned award for the project Biobricks


Team 2014 proudly presenting their well-earned prize for their project BioBricks.

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DTU Biobuilders aim to solve real life problems with synthetic biology as the main driver. The team of students is put together on a yearly basis and every year DTU Biobuilders participate in the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition, which is the largest synthetic biology competition in the world. DTU Biobuilders’ activities are primarily driven by students, with the support of several faculty supervisors. 

The first DTU iGEM team came together in 2009. This was also the first time Denmark participated in iGEM. The team came in stong and won a Gold Medal. That set a precedence and since then every team has won at least a Gold Medal in the competition.  

Want to join?

DTU Biobuilders is a great chance to participate in a large project that potentially can be very rewarding. Experience a full-scale research project from brainstorm to proof of concept. Gain experience in all the major components in a multidisciplinary project such as brainstorming, project management, project planning, fundraising, leadership, collaboration and the design and implementation of all the experiments in the laboratory and the necessary data managing and computer modelling.

Contact Associate Professor Christopher Workman or one of the team members.