DTU biobuilders 2018

DTU iGEM Team 2018

DTU BioBuilders are once again participating in the iGEM competition, working throughout the summer to build mycotextures.

This year, the DTU BioBuilders are working to develop a toolbox so properties of fungi can be manipulated and exploited to build fungal materials.

The DTU BioBuilders are actively trying to reach out, and spread awareness of synthetic biology.

The team has attended or hosted the following events in 2018:

  • BioBrick Tutorial (hosted the event)
  • Science in forum
  • Nordic iGEM Conference

The team participated in the following competitions in 2018:

  • Grøn dyst

Read more about the team and their project on their iGEM homepage.



Christopher Workman
Associate Professor
DTU Bioengineering
+45 45 25 27 00

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